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Express Entry

What is Express Entry?


The Express Entry system is one of the most popular ways of immigrating to Canada, and it is a Federal immigration system to Canada that aims to bring qualified immigrants into the country, based on their skills and ability to contribute to Canada’s economy.


The Express Entry is a point-system, which takes into account the following factors:


● Age

● Education Level

● Language proficiency (English and / or French)

● Foreign work experience

● Canadian work experience


How many points do I have?


Each one of those factors adds points to your immigration profile. You can use our free points calculator for Express Entry to see if you are eligible for one of the Express Entry programs. Keep in mind that this is not the only option to immigrate to Canada - you can count on our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants to guide you to the best Canadian immigration program, and assist you throughout the entire process.


How points are calculated

Age (Maximum 100 points)

People between the ages of 20 to 29 obtain the maximum score in this selection criteria,  but that does not mean that it is impossible to immigrate to Canada after 30! This is just one of the scoring factors and there are many more to be accounted for.


Education Level (Maximum 140 points)

The higher your academic level, the higher your score. A person with a high school diploma receives 28 points, while a person with a doctorate degree is awarded 140 points on their express entry profile for this selection criteria.


ATTENTION: If your diploma and / or certificate was not issued in Canada, you must follow the process to obtain an Educational credential assessment, which is a document that proves that your educational level obtained outside Canada is valid and equivalent to the education system in Canada. Our team can help you get the right educational credentials for your immigration process to Canada, so you are in safe hands!


Language Proficiency, English and / or French (Maximum 150 points)

You will earn points on your Express Entry profile according to your scores in the English and / or French language proficiency test. 


The tests accepted by the Canadian Government are:


To proof your proficiency in English:

● IELTS General and CELPIP (English)

To proof your proficiency in French:

● TEF and TCF Canada (French)


Your language proficiency level is assessed according to the Canadian Language Benchmark Level, also known as CLB.


According to the test of choice, your score may vary, but each score will converse to a specific CLB. For example:


- If you achieve a score at a pre-intermediate level of proficiency, your CLB will most likely be between 5 or 6;

- If you achieve a score at a intermediate level of proficiency, your CLB will most likely be 7;

- If you achieve a score at a high-intermediate level of proficiency, your CLB will most likely be 8;

- If you achieve a score at an advanced level of proficiency, your CLB will most likely be 9 or higher;


If you need a boost to get a high score in your language proficiency test, we have qualified professionals that can help you to achieve the scores you need!


Did you know that our Education Advisors can assist you to find a test prep course? We are partners with over 300+ institutions in Canada and we can guide you in choosing the best preparation course according to your needs and budget.  


Work experience outside Canada (Maximum 50 points)

Your work experience in your home country (or anywhere else outside Canada) also counts for Express Entry points! 


However, be aware of the following requirements:


● You need to have at least one continuous year of proven work experience with a minimum of 30 hours per week (or 1,560 hours on a smaller weekly load) in the past 10 years.

● This work experience can not have been unpaid work.


Canadian Work Experience (Maximum 70 points)

If you have work experience in Canada, you are eligible to earn even more points for your Express Entry profile! 


In order for you to earn points for your Canadian work experience, you are required to:


● Have worked for at least 1 year in Canada with a minimum of 30 hours per week or equivalent;

● This work experience can not have been unpaid work;

● Work experience obtained while you were studying in Canada cannot be counted.


How can I immigrate to Canada with Express Entry?


The Express Entry system selects qualified applicants from one of the following programs:

- Federal Skilled Worker

- Federal Skilled Trades Worker

- Canadian Experience Class

- Provincial nominee programs

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